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How to create a photo negative from your digital image


You need:

  • a digital image at 300 dpi/ppi

  • Adobe Photoshop or other software capable of inverting an image into a negative

  • laser-printer transparencies

  • use of a laser printer

Step 1:

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Choose a digital photo with dramatic contrasts between light and dark for the best alternative process results.

Using Adobe Photoshop or another photo-editing software, change the image to grayscale. Adjust the contrast if needed.

Save the image as a .tiff at the size you wish to print at 300 ppi/dpi.

Step 2:

Invert the image so that you have a "negative" which turns the light areas to dark areas.

The image must be accessible on a computer that is connected to a laser printer (NOT an ink jet printer). One-color laser printers are relatively inexpensive. Mine is made by Brother.

Step 3:


You will need an 8.5 x 11" laser transparency (these are available at any office supply store or on Amazon).

Using the bypass setting on the printer, print your digital image onto the transparency.

Your "negative" is ready to be used.

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