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Set up your Workspace

You need:

  • Two tables: one for paper prep and one for process/wash trays

  • Three plastic trays (large enough for your paper)

  • Tap water

  • A space with no UV light (sunlight or artificial lights that give off UV light). Fluorescent light will not develop the emulsion.

  • Van Dyke Brown kit from Bostick &Sullivan

  • Heavy cotton paper (cold or hot pressed 100 lb)

  • Liquid laundry starch

  • Brush, small ceramic dish

  • Distilled water

  • An exposure frame (available commercially, or a DIY alternative)

  • Sunlight


Cotton paper taped to plastic-covered surface

Split-back frames hold the negative tightly to the paper, but tend to be expensive.

A firm backing board with a clear cover (either plastic or glass (cover the edges with tape) held in place with binder clips works. Be sure the negative is held tightly against the paper.

Sawhorses and plywood covered in plastic works well. Hold the paper down with painter's tape.

The chemicals are toxic, so dedicated trays are important. A nearby water source is helpful.

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